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Athlete of the month

During the 2015/2016 school year we are going to be recognizing exceptional players on a monthly basis. Students will be recognized on the following guidelines: working and participating at a vigorous level throughout classes, exhibiting leadership, consistent effort, and overall improvement. At the end of the month all coaches will nominate students that fit this criteria and choose the best candidates. We would like to reward students that continually go above and beyond during class.
September 2015 
Kianna Jones
Pitcher/2nd base-Surrey Storm 01A
earned top scores in all fitness testing
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October 2015
Ann-Marie Crandlemire
Pitcher/RF- Surrey Storm 99A 
the “work-horse” – 110% always, no excuses
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November 2015/December 2015
Gabriela Isaak (left) – Nov
C/SS – Delta Heat 02A
Standout grade 8
Madison Brown (2nd right) – Dec
C/UT – 
Focused & shows up with a purpose, every session
Priya Saini (far right) – Dec
OF – 
Most Improved Player
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Athlete of first term
Kianna Jones (left) – MVP Gift Card
Pitcher/2nd base-Surrey Storm 01A
No matter what the task, 100% effort is always given
Ann-Marie Crandlemire (Runner-up) (right) – MVP Gear
Pitcher/RF- Surrey Storm 99A
Each day shows up with a purpose and intense focus
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January 2016
Paris Peccia 
CF/1st base – Cloverdale Fury 99B
Paris continues to impress her coaches with her strong leadership skills and displaying concern for others at the academy.

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