Facts about the Delta Elite Showcase Travel Team

  • 12 players who attend the Delta Softball Academy
  • Participates in showcase college exposure tournaments 
  • Equal playing opportunity (except on Championship days, based on performance)
  • All players must achieve an academic grade average of 73% to participate
  • Traveling Arrangements: (Simulates being apart of a college team)
    • Players stay in team hotel rooms
    • Players travel in team vans
    • Players are provided all meals
  • Cost:
    • Depending on amount of tournaments attending
    • 2017-2018 season will have approximately 3-4 tournaments

Coaches: Ron Clarke, Larissa Franklin, Sara Riske (Hopwood), Leah Riske

Manager: Kayla Hamalainen

For more info email: khamalainen@deltasd.bc.ca

Softball Divider

Past Tournaments Attended:

D9 ESPN Sun Classic Winter Showcase (Orlando, Florida) – Jan. 2017

Elite Diamond Sports College Showcase (Plano, Texas) – Nov. 2016

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