The Delta Softball Academy had the opportunity to participate in the YMCA YOUTH EXCHANGE this past year. We twinned up with the Waterloo Ghosts from Ontario for this unique experience. The Waterloo Ghosts came to British Columbia and the Delta Softball Academy traveled to Ontario. Both trips included playing in exhibition games and learning more about that part of Canada. The Delta Softball Academy hosted the Waterloo Ghosts during Spring Break. The Waterloo Ghosts traveled around the lower mainland visiting tourist sites and played against different club teams at North Delta Park and Softball City. Together, the teams did a beach clean up at Crescent Beach. The Delta Softball Academy then traveled to Toronto in the beginning of May. We ran a free softball clinic with the Waterloo Ghosts, played exhibition games against the U18 and U16 Waterloo Ghosts, and visited a variety of tourist sites. Some of the sites included: St. Jacob’s Market, Niagara Falls/Clifton Hill, CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, watching the Blue Jays, and visiting the islands off of downtown Toronto. The team had an amazing time getting to know the Waterloo Ghosts more and being a tourist in another part of Canada. Huge thank you to the YMCA YOUTH EXCHANGE PROGRAM and the Waterloo Ghosts for making this trip such a huge success.

-Coach K


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