Students in the Delta Softball Academy are getting into the swing of things, pun intended. We have had classroom sessions as well as multiple on field training sessions. We have been working on proper throwing and fielding techniques. Last week, we emphasized the importance of communication on defence. We have mostly done defensive training and are beginning to introduce proper hitting techniques. We will continue to work on quality defensive reps while we add in more hitting sessions.

Now that we have established our training routine, we are starting to focus on fitness, as well. This week students began weightlifting with the certified strength and conditioning coaches at the Strong House Fit Nation gym in Surrey. The current focus is to build core strength and to master proper lifting form through bodyweight exercises. Once students have a grasp of proper form, they will begin to add a load of weight to their exercises. The girls learn a lot and have fun during their lifting sessions. Andrea and Erin M. are especially happy to back weightlifting again!

Throughout the fall season we have intra-squad scrimmages. These scrimmages happen at the end of the week, usually on Friday but sometimes on Thursday. Students were drafted onto either the Blue Team or the Grey Team. Through some tough competition, the Blue Team has a slight upper hand with a winning record of 2-1. We will continue our scrimmages until winter break, when the Fall Scrimmage Challenge Champion will be crowned!


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