Despite the cold weather and rain (and flooding, see below), the girls have been working hard during the offseason to improve their softball skills. We have been practicing outside when the weather allows, and then in Seaquam’s cafeteria when it is too cold or too wet outside. We prefer to be outside, but we have still been able to effectively work on hitting, fielding, pitching, and baserunning in the cafeteria. As well, the girls have been getting stronger thanks to the trainers at Strong House Fit Nation.


The pitchers have been working hard with Coach Ron. All girls filmed themselves hitting and used the film to analyze their swings. We have also been focusing heavily on footwork while fielding. Quick feet are important!

The girls also spent some Academy time in the classroom. They polished up their knowledge of the rules of softball. They learned about and tested each other’s knowledge of some of softball’s trickier rules (like the new pitching rules). As well, the girls learned about which foods will help them be the best athletes they can, and how to fuel their bodies with proper nutrition. They shared their favourite healthy meal and snack ideas with each other. The girls learned about the importance of mental training, too. They practiced reinforcing positive thoughts and mental reminders of their abilities and talents. The girls also learned and practiced breathing techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety while playing softball. While in the classroom the girls also had some study hall time, where they had a chance to work on homework and study for their other courses.

We are getting ready for two weeks off during winter break. The girls (and coaches) all worked hard in the fall and should enjoy a well-deserved break. We will hit the ground running (and fielding, and hitting) again in January!


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