We are very excited that spring has sprung! The warm and sunny weather has allowed us to spend more time practicing outside. We are very lucky to have an indoor training space, but nothing compares to the real thing. The girls worked really hard in the off-season and now we are transitioning into in-season maintenance. The players trained hard during the off-season. Ian Gallagher and the trainers at the Delta Wild High Performance Fitness Centre pushed the girls to get stronger through strength and conditioning training. We are hoping that those deadlifts in the weight room will transfer to dingers on the field!


We have spent a lot of time during the off-season on hitting. The coaches have been emphasizing the importance of using the lower half to generate power in the swing. Also, the girls have been working on keeping strong hands and wrists to generate hard line drives, and to minimize the number of weak fly balls they hit. The girls have also been working on their timing during front toss off Coach Ron, who has been throwing heat lately. Along with hitting hard line drives, we also practiced bunting, both sacrifice and a bunt for a hit.


The girls have been working on fielding, both indoors and outdoors. We have stressed the importance of moving your feet to the ball. While working on bunting we also practiced fielding bunts, including proper coverage and footwork. We hope that the sunny weather will continue so we can continue to field ground balls on the dirt, rather than inside.


We will start to taper off heavy training now that most girls have started playing outside of school. The coaches recognize the threat of overtraining and overuse of throwing arms. We will continue to practice hitting, fielding, throwing, baserunning, and pitching, but we will tone down the intensity. Good luck to all the players whose seasons have started!

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