How often does the softball academy run?

DSA runs every other afternoon during school hours.

What time does the softball academy start and end at?

DSA begins at 12:15pm and ends at 2:40pm.

Can I attend a non-district secondary school and still be apart of the DSA?

No. You have to attend one of the Delta secondary schools that are on the linear timetable. All secondary schools in Delta following this timetable except Delview and North Delta Secondary. 

Are there billeting options for out-of-town students?

Billeting options are privately organized. The Director of Operations (Kayla Hamalainen) can put you in touch with other families who are interested in hosting a player from out-of-town.

How does the DSA schedule run with my club team’s schedule?

DSA is specially designed around our players and their club team’s schedule. We focus heavily on skill development from September – March. Once season starts, we balance softball skill training with mental training or other important classroom sessions that will help our players become successful on and off the diamond. Once the busy part of season starts, we move off the diamond and transition into other important areas of the game such as mental training, flexibility, etc. 

What type of fitness do you do at DSA?

DSA focuses on explosive-power training as it is best suited for the sport of softball. We also incorporate yoga, spin, and pilates into our program.