Spring 2019 Update

We are very excited that spring has sprung! The warm and sunny weather has allowed us to spend more time practicing outside. We are very lucky to have an indoor training space, but nothing compares to the real thing. The girls worked really hard in the off-season and now we are transitioning into in-season maintenance. The players trained hard during the off-season. Ian Gallagher and the trainers at the Delta Wild High Performance Fitness Centre pushed the girls to get stronger through strength and conditioning training. We are hoping that those deadlifts in the weight room will transfer to dingers on the field!


We have spent a lot of time during the off-season on hitting. The coaches have been emphasizing the importance of using the lower half to generate power in the swing. Also, the girls have been working on keeping strong hands and wrists to generate hard line drives, and to minimize the number of weak fly balls they hit. The girls have also been working on their timing during front toss off Coach Ron, who has been throwing heat lately. Along with hitting hard line drives, we also practiced bunting, both sacrifice and a bunt for a hit.


The girls have been working on fielding, both indoors and outdoors. We have stressed the importance of moving your feet to the ball. While working on bunting we also practiced fielding bunts, including proper coverage and footwork. We hope that the sunny weather will continue so we can continue to field ground balls on the dirt, rather than inside.


We will start to taper off heavy training now that most girls have started playing outside of school. The coaches recognize the threat of overtraining and overuse of throwing arms. We will continue to practice hitting, fielding, throwing, baserunning, and pitching, but we will tone down the intensity. Good luck to all the players whose seasons have started!


Delta Academies Open House

Delta Academies is hosting an Open House, January 19, 2019, from 10am to 1pm at the Delta School Board Office in Ladner 4585 Harvest Drive. Come out and watch academy performances, take part in interactive activities and speak with the teachers, coaches and instructors who run the academy programs, as well as, students in the academies.

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Winter 2018 Update

Despite the cold weather and rain (and flooding, see below), the girls have been working hard during the offseason to improve their softball skills. We have been practicing outside when the weather allows, and then in Seaquam’s cafeteria when it is too cold or too wet outside. We prefer to be outside, but we have still been able to effectively work on hitting, fielding, pitching, and baserunning in the cafeteria. As well, the girls have been getting stronger thanks to the trainers at Strong House Fit Nation.


The pitchers have been working hard with Coach Ron. All girls filmed themselves hitting and used the film to analyze their swings. We have also been focusing heavily on footwork while fielding. Quick feet are important!

The girls also spent some Academy time in the classroom. They polished up their knowledge of the rules of softball. They learned about and tested each other’s knowledge of some of softball’s trickier rules (like the new pitching rules). As well, the girls learned about which foods will help them be the best athletes they can, and how to fuel their bodies with proper nutrition. They shared their favourite healthy meal and snack ideas with each other. The girls learned about the importance of mental training, too. They practiced reinforcing positive thoughts and mental reminders of their abilities and talents. The girls also learned and practiced breathing techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety while playing softball. While in the classroom the girls also had some study hall time, where they had a chance to work on homework and study for their other courses.

We are getting ready for two weeks off during winter break. The girls (and coaches) all worked hard in the fall and should enjoy a well-deserved break. We will hit the ground running (and fielding, and hitting) again in January!



Athletic Scholarship Information Night

Where: Delta Manor Education Centre – 4750 57th St, Delta

When: 7PM on Oct. 25

The Delta Softball Academy is excited to announce an amazing opportunity for players wishing to continue their softball career at the collegiate level. The Delta Academies are hosting Susan Deane (Career and Post-Secondary Advisor at Sands Secondary) on October 25th at 7:00PM at the Delta Manor Education Centre. The presentation, titled The Journey Becoming a Student Athlete, gives a basic introduction to educating and informing student athletes on the process and requirements of obtaining an athletic scholarship. For our parents, the information in this presentation will assist you in supporting your student athlete. The presentation will go over NCAA and NAIA requirements, changes to the current eligibility requirements, and how to prepare yourself when marketing yourself to schools.


Fall 2018 Update


Students in the Delta Softball Academy are getting into the swing of things, pun intended. We have had classroom sessions as well as multiple on field training sessions. We have been working on proper throwing and fielding techniques. Last week, we emphasized the importance of communication on defence. We have mostly done defensive training and are beginning to introduce proper hitting techniques. We will continue to work on quality defensive reps while we add in more hitting sessions.

Now that we have established our training routine, we are starting to focus on fitness, as well. This week students began weightlifting with the certified strength and conditioning coaches at the Strong House Fit Nation gym in Surrey. The current focus is to build core strength and to master proper lifting form through bodyweight exercises. Once students have a grasp of proper form, they will begin to add a load of weight to their exercises. The girls learn a lot and have fun during their lifting sessions. Andrea and Erin M. are especially happy to back weightlifting again!

Throughout the fall season we have intra-squad scrimmages. These scrimmages happen at the end of the week, usually on Friday but sometimes on Thursday. Students were drafted onto either the Blue Team or the Grey Team. Through some tough competition, the Blue Team has a slight upper hand with a winning record of 2-1. We will continue our scrimmages until winter break, when the Fall Scrimmage Challenge Champion will be crowned!



DSA is pleased to announce Paige Collings to the role of Teacher Coordinator for 2018

It is my absolute pleasure to announce Paige Collings as the Delta Softball Academy’s teacher coordinator for 2018.

I have decided that it is my time to officially hang up my cleats from this amazing experience that I have had running the Delta Softball Academy since 2014 when I first took over. I have had the pleasure of working with remarkable young ladies and exceptional coaches. I am truly confident in Paige Collings and I believe she will take this program to the next level. Thank you all for everything these past four years and I look forward to seeing what happens next for the Delta Softball Academy!

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 12.59.08 PMPAIGE COLLINGS BIO

Paige graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia in 2012 after completing a four-year athletic scholarship with the Drexel Dragons. She holds the Dragons’ single season and all-time record for RBIs and home runs, was on the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Rookie Team in 2009, was a 4-time member of the CAA All-Conference First Team 2009-2012 and was named Drexel University Female Scholar Athlete of the Year in 2012. Paige was a member Team BC, winning a Gold medal at the Canada Summer Games in PEI in 2009 and a member of the Canadian Women’s National Team, winning a Bronze medal at the World Cup of Softball in 2011. She played her minor club ball with the Delta Heat Association and was recognized at the Canadian National Championships four times, twice as the top batter, once as the top utility player and once as the top catcher. Over the years, her teams won Gold, Silver and two Bronze medals. She was assistant coach for the National Champion Delta Heat 96 in 2014.