Wear PINK! Support the cause! Our Batting Against Breast Cancer Tournament is a month away and it’s that time to start collecting donations for this amazing cause! Below is a player donation sheet. This is where each player will try to collect as many donations as possible to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The tournament as a whole raised over $12,000 last year! Our goal this year is to raise around $20,000!
Coaches/Managers/Academy Coordinators:

Pledge forms and money can be handed in at the tournament to the main table. Please add the entire team/academy total on “TEAM TOTALS” sheet before handing in your team donations. Any donation cheques must be made out to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

There will be tax receipts issued after the tournament for all donations (except for online donations). Please make sure their addresses are correctly listed on the player donation sheets.


North Delta Park Information

Team Packets

  1. Please refer to TEAM INFORMATION page on our website
  1. Game Balls
    1. Three balls will be given to each team. You need to collect these before your first game from the main table. Each team is responsible for collecting back their game balls at the end of every game. These balls will be used for the rest of the tournament.
  2. Ice
    1. There will be no ice at the tournament. Please bring your own first aid kid and  plenty of ice packs to accommodate your team incase of an injury.
  3. Water
    1. Please tell your players to bring plenty of water as there is no water fountain at the park.
  4. Parking
    1. Parking is available at the church across the street from North Delta on 84th avenue and in between the turf fields and diamond off of 112th street. Additional parking can be found on the far side of the park on 86th avenue.
  5. Warm Up
    1. You can warm up on one of the empty diamonds away from the main 3 diamonds (if they are available). Or you can go to Richardson Elementary school field across 84th ave.
    2. Please note that for morning warm ups, normally the sun doesn’t start coming out until 7am during this weekend. It may be darker when you first arrive at the park if you have an 8am game.

Tournament T-Shirts

  1. We will be selling Play With Honour “Batting Against Breast Cancer” t-shirts. These are available for sale at $20/shirt. Majority of the purchase goes directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.
  2. Additional Fundraisers
    1. More fundraisers such as 50/50, etc. will be taking place during the tournament.